Seeker - Ghost Sniper


Iago is always wearing his weathered, deep red coloured, armoured long coat. He sports otherwise plan looking clothes and a full bandolier of shot for his large strange looking rifle normaly covered and slung on his back. He has recenlty claimed a Cygnar repeating longrifle from his most recent job. Iago cleaned it up and paid for the rifles repairs and now carries it as he moves about, casually carriering it around as he moves from town to town and job to job.

Iago prefers to setup a position to fire his strange Arcane Rifle on unsuspecting targets and support the advance or actions of the group he is supporting. When caught without time to prepair, Iago pulls back from the rest of the groups and tries to line up shots on other shooters; allowing for a path of escape and keeping shots off his teammates.

Iago is pleasent to deal with as long as you don’t delve to deep into his intentions and personal history. At times he seems like his services are free, asking only for a future favor. Other times, there seems to be little reason for his actions by those who watch him fight. What’s understood is, once you have a friend in Iago, you can count on his help.


When you work with Iosans outside of their isolated mysterious country you here words like Retribution and Seeker. Iago is called a Seeker but the few of those that interact with Iago know what that means. All they know is he’s trustworthy and his aim is true. Iago has only been active within the Iron Kingdoms recently as a up and comming long range marksman of some merit.


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