Lady Aiyana

The air about her is thick with secrets, but who doesn't have something to hide?


Hight: 71"
Weight: 131 lbs
Hair: White
Eyes: Yellow, Glowing
Race: Iosan
Gender: Female
Archetype: Gifted
Carreers: Investigator, Priest, Sorcerer
Faith: Fane Of Scyrah


Iosans, widely regarded as aloof and arrogant, have grown increasingly rare outside their insular kingdom. It is always surprising, then, to meet one as warm and affable as Lady Aiyana – even if she ravels very little in her engaging conversation. A master of misdirection and small talk, Aiyana politely deflects probing questions into flirtatious banter that leaves would-be interrogators both charmed and clueless regarding her purpose. She betrays none of her people’s infamous loathing of humanity, though it is unclear whether this is a convincing facade or if she has spent enough time among humans to have adapted.

Though seemingly reluctant to bloody her hand, Aiyana is an adept spell caster able to call on formidable magic unknown outside the vales of Ios.

Lady Aiyana

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