Doleth Island (aka Dicer’s Isle, Bolis Isle)

Doleth island
Population: 24,000
Districts: 5
Entry Points: Headmost Bridge (fore), Sleeping Maiden Bridge (starboard),
Tow Bridge (aft), ocean docks

Abbreviation District
D1 Cathedral District
D2 Aft Bridge District
D3 Maiden Bridge District
D4 Doleth Docks
D5 Channel District

Between Bold Finger Channel and Heir’s Finger Channel are the Twin Islands, Dicer and Chaser. Those neighborhoods are soaked in flavor, personalities, and history but may be an acquired taste. Learning the region can be dangerous due to the number of gangs frequenting its streets.

The High Captains frequently contest the area, and you could find yourself in the middle of a power grab between Hurley and Kilbride and have no idea other than seeing the gambling halls locked up tight and one of your favorite taverns changing its name and opening under “new ownership.” It’s rare but possible to walk into a messy brawl or corner-to-corner shootout. Open fights are infrequent, fast, and brutal where each side hopes to resolve everything before reinforcements or local authorities arrive.

Like Bull’s Island few call Dicer by its formal name which is Doleth Isle. Sometimes they go so far as to call it Bolis’ Isle. The island holds historical interest because of an ill-fated folk hero named Bolis who worshiped Thamar back in the 270’s. Bolis died there in a dark cloud of ill omen, or so the legend goes, and the king at the time built a cathedral and renamed the island in an attempt to redeem it. Whatever the king’s goal, Dicer’s Isle has remained a seedy and degenerate place. Still, there’s a certain charm in the sagging buildings, the tight little alleys, and the gambling halls with their well-worn seats and dark corners. It’s a good place to be a thief.

Doleth Island (aka Dicer’s Isle, Bolis Isle)

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